Running shoes for men

Quality men's running shoes are guaranteed by adidas. All our styles encompass the newest technology, such as the Ultraboost or Pureboost trainers which both have a special sole to return any energy you put in.
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A personalised fit, no matter what your running style

Whether you’re looking for something highly cushioned or a style with maximum flexibility, adidas men's running shoes have got you covered. Many of our shoes have a lightweight 3D heel frame to guarantee they fit you perfectly. They also offer a stabilising torsion spring to guarantee stability whatever your running style. LIGHTSTRIKE cushioning blends super lightweight cushioning with maximum responsiveness. For smooth comfort, go for one of the styles made with Primeknit. It's a seamless material which still allows you to move freely.​​

adidas running shoes keeping your feet cool on every run

Our running shoes for men are designed to give your feet maximum comfort and ventilation on each and every outing. The Adizero Pro running trainers, as well as many other styles, use a breathable mesh with open holes. It allows for ultimate air flow, even when it’s hot outside. For runners who like to go on varied terrains, check out our Terrex range, built with an open upper mesh. They're abrasion resistant so more heavy duty than other styles but without compromising on comfort or breathability.

High performance recycled materials in adidas men's running trainers

adidas tries to play our role in keeping the earth clean and preserving raw virgin materials whenever we can. That’s why so many of our running trainers are built with recycled materials. One of these is Primegreen which is made of 50% recycled content and no virgin polyester. Another material to look out for is Continental Better Rubber; t’s a forward-thinking material made mostly from a mix of natural rubber combined with 30% virgin and conventional rubber.

Running shoes for men Frequently Asked Questions

There are slight differences between men's and women’s running shoes. The primary difference is in the width, as women have narrower feet than men. Some designs have uppers constructed slightly differently to account for the differences in foot shape.
Depending on the type of walking you have planned, wearing running shoes isn’t always a good idea. Walking has a lot less impact than running, so there isn’t as much need for cushioning. Also, a lightweight sports shoe may not give you the protection that you need. Walking shoes need to suit your gait, as well as the right level of flexibility. Some running shoes will be too flexible and will not provide the structure and support required for walking.
Running shoes should fit snugly and laced accordingly, but bear in mind your feet will expand when you run. Breathable sports shoes with mesh uppers will help keep your feet cool. If you feel any numbness when you run, your shoes may be too tight. However, if you wear your running shoes too loose, your foot will slide around in the shoe.