Women’s football shoes

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Women’s football shoes with superior technology

Take advantage of adidas women's football shoes with a Carbitex Carbon Plate to add a little extra propulsion to your movement on the pitch. You'll feel yourself gliding towards the ball like never before. Shoes with a Zone Skin Upper offer superior support and include distinct ribbed sections created to optimise your swerve and enhance your power, control, and dribbling skills on the ball. For a little extra stability, grab a shoe with a supportive agility cage, which adds reinforcement to the lightweight upper and keeps you more stable through explosive movements and direction changes.

Women’s football boots no matter the surface

Whether you’re playing on a pitch or indoor footie, adidas’ range of women’s football shoes has exactly what you need to get the most out of your game. If you're hitting the pitch, look for women's football boots with extended studs, a firm ground outsole, and extra support. The power facet in the forefoot on some shoes helps redistribute your weight to the front of the shoe to add a little extra kick to your strike, while the adidas Primeknit collar provides lightweight and comfortable support through every step. If you're playing indoor football, look for shoes with a Traxion outsole for improved grip on all surfaces and in all directions. These legendary boots offer a lightweight insole with extra cushioning and a leather upper for superior comfort and support.

Look after your boots so they look after you

Make sure to hand wash your boots after every game and let them dry in the sun. No machine washing or extra hot washes. Wash your laces separately and remove any dirt and grime from the soles to avoid any erosion. Make sure your women’s football boots are only worn on the pitch or indoor surface.

Women’s football shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if they’re designed specifically for women. One of the main differences between men’s football shoes and women’s is the size – men tend to have larger feet on average. But that’s not the only difference. Women’s shoes are generally narrower than men’s, to more accurately fit the shape of the female foot. They can also be somewhat lighter, but this will vary between designs.
Yes, absolutely. The important thing is that the shoe fits your foot securely, so if you find men’s shoes that fit you and feel comfortable then go for it.
If older children find that women’s football shoes fit them better than girl’s football shoes then it’s fine if they wear football shoes in women’s sizes. Just make sure that the shoe fits securely while also not being too tight for them.