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Smash your personal best with adidas marathon running shoes

When training for the run of your life, you need to get kitted out with the best in modern running technology. Check out the extensive range of marathon running shoes on offer at adidas. Our shoes are made to help any budding marathon runner take on their biggest challenge. With a lightweight mesh design and fitted Lightstrike cushioning that provides energy return, they are sure to give you that extra spring in your running stride.

adidas marathon running shoes can help you stay ahead of the pack

If you want to push yourself to the limit and improve with every run, then adidas’ range of long-distance running shoes are the ideal running companion. Gain the advantage with a supportive mesh design and cushioning that returns energy and boosts your performance, ensuring you can reach your goals. The locked-in fit and responsive feel provide the utmost comfort during those challenging runs, helping you to hit your objectives and stay ahead of the rest.

Take care of your running shoes, and they will protect you for longer

When training for a marathon, you’ll need your running shoes to be in top form to help you perform at your peak. Taking care of them is vital, and we at adidas can help you do that. Firstly, remove any excess dirt with a toothbrush, and wipe away any remaining marks with a damp cloth. Use only warm water and a light detergent to remove any stains. Remove insoles and laces, place them in a pillowcase and put on a delicate wash cycle. Air-dry the shoes at room temperature, but never outside as the sun can warp the outer sole.