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Progressive materials such as Primeblue, Primegreen and other recycled content give our rugby collection of sportswear, footwear and accessories an innovative edge. Your reward is the definitive advantage. Shop adidas rugby today.

adidas rugby collection: our advanced tech supports your determination

The adidas rugby collection offers an energetic array of clothing, shoes and accessories to assist you when you need it most. Attire including jerseys and shorts made with sustainable materials like recycled polyester and Primegreen fibres are lightweight and breathable, for efficient energy consumption and output. Our rugby boots offer tech advancements such as foam Sensepods and 3-D imprints, so you run faster and kick with better precision. To consistently perform at the highest level, you need extraordinary skill/talent and an unwavering determination to succeed against the odds.

Rugby kit for individuals with high aspirations

The superior construction and dynamic tech used to create our rugby kit offers definitive advantages for individuals with high aspirations at any endeavour. The AEROTECH sweat-wicking system used in our tops and bottoms provides long-lasting dryness during arduous training sessions at the gym or studio. Rugby jerseys and shirts made with recycled polyester pique provide textured resiliency and comfort for indoor or outdoor adventures like hiking, mountain biking and trail walking. For young aspiring players, a replica game ball is a perfect accessory to refine their kicking and passing skills as they dream of future glory.

adidas rugby gear: selective outerwear for outdoor fun

Our rugby gear collection has a selection of hoodies and jackets for outerwear when the weather is less than desirable. You can wear them on the way to training, the office or the park for some weekend fun with co-workers or classmates. Of course, our rugby collection is always most valuable in showing pride and support for your favourite club or international team. Proud owners are generally concerned about the upkeep of their possessions, so we’ve included a complete list of wash and care instructions on the inside tag.