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Made from high performing recycled materials, performance focused adidas running shoes incorporate the latest technological advancements for your most streamlined run yet.
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With the right pair of trainers, every race feels like a relay as your kicks put in the same effort you do, matching you stride for stride. Our running shoes for men and women feature highly responsive midsole foam which absorbs your energy and transfers it back to you with each step, propelling you forward for a run which carries major forward momentum. For trainers designed to put a serious spring in your step, our 3D printed FWD midsoles or our iconic Boost energy capsules will catapult you over the finish line.


Our adidas running shoes for men and women are designed to offer the very best in support and stability for the most comfortable, efficient run of your life. Our highly breathable Primeknit+ mesh uppers offer a sock-like fit to ensure your feet feel secure while allowing unwanted heat and moisture to filter from your shoes so whether it is a quick a sprint or the last mile of an endurance race, your feet remain cool and comfortable. And with our super supportive cushioning being so lightweight, you need not sacrifice speed for support.


With years of running expertise, adidas running shoes for men and women are engineered to perform to your specifications whatever race you are running. For stratospheric speed, our carbon energy rods put the lightning in your step. For the track or cross-country, our uniquely designed TPU spike plates add traction to any terrain. In rain or shine, your feet remain dry and stable with our Continental™ WinterGrip™ outsoles and waterproof GORE-TEX membranes. Plus, with the signature adidas style, your trainers enhance your look as much as your run. Now, that's real versatility.

Running shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. adidas running shoes have all of the advance technology to keep your feet comfortable and supported, no matter the speed.
A stability running shoe is one with specialized support to keep your foot in a neutral position if you over pronate with your natural gait.
It depends on the type of running you're doing. For example, adidas has lightweight running shoes that keep up with your need for speed and are the go-to choice for intervals and speed training.
It depends on the type of running you're doing. For example, adidas has lightweight running shoes that keep up with your need for speed and are the go-to choice for intervals and speed training.
Training shoes or gym shoes are built for a wide range of movement, especially side-to-side or lateral movement. If extreme cushioning and energy-return is what you’re looking for, adidas training shoes with Boost and Bounce midsoles have you covered.