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Running Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Choose layers for running in cold, wet or windy weather. If the day is windy, all you might need is a light running windbreaker. On cool days, a pullover fleece layer could be the right fit.
A windbreaker jacket is good for running in breezy weather. Windbreakers provide a thin shell that blocks wind without weighing you down.
Look for a running coat that’s breathable, comfortable and washable to keep you going even when the weather is less than ideal.

Stay unrestricted with running jackets

The four-way stretch fabric of these running jackets offer you a full range of movement while the windproof and waterproof design ensure you stay unaffected by the elements. It’s no wonder millions of people choose these adidas jackets, created with their every need in mind. No need to be hindered by rainy day training sessions, you’ll hit the rugged terrain or slopes while donning your athletic fit jackets that come with an elastic hem and cuffs.

Keep your running jacket packed

We all know rain and wind can come on strong without a warning, stopping you dead in your tracks or running for cover. The lightweight and easily packable design of these jackets mean you can keep them close without affecting your performance or taking up too much space. Zip your jacket up and keep it stowed away in its dedicated pocket and take it out at the earliest sign of trouble. The ultra-light design will ensure you’re able to maintain the high-intensity workouts you’re used to at all times. Built-in vents promote increased airflow, keeping you comfortable for the whole run.

Clean and tidy is the way to go

Quality adidas running jackets are created specifically to protect you from the cold and wet weather, and while you’re being protected, the best way to ensure you stay protected is to keep your garments in tip-top shape. Avoid bleaching the jackets when washing them, and things like fabric softener, dry cleaning, and heavy washing cycles. Stick with a delicate and cold machine wash, use milder detergent, and take the jacket out as soon as the wash cycle or dryer cycle is done.