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Waterproof Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

If you run in a rainy location or during the wet seasons, waterproof running shoes are totally worth it to make your runs that much more enjoyable.
If you live in a place where it rains frequently, or if you run on wet terrain, you should consider wearing waterproof running shoes. Wet feet get cold easily, and they can distract you from your run.
Wear waterproof shoes to run in the rain. Waterproof running shoes seal out moisture to keep you focused.

Enjoy the benefits of technologies in waterproof running shoes

Don’t let the rain stop you from improving your performance, with waterproof running shoes from adidas. A range of sizes and designs for men, women and children means that you can deck the whole family out for the rainy season. The advanced technology works to enhance comfort and protect you from the rain and puddles. A Waterproof and windproof design ensures that your feet stay warm and dry even when the heavens open. Abrasion-resistant welding also reduces chafing. Energy-return midsoles put a spring in your step from the word go. Whilst breathable materials ensure that your feet stay well ventilated.

Water resistant running shoes for all athletes

Whether you’re an athlete just starting out of a professional runner looking to enhance your wet weather training, the adidas range of water-resistant running shoes has something for everyone. With advanced sports technologies in place to provide a dry and comfortable run, even on the wettest of days, you’ll love the selection of waterproof running shoes. Add to that extra details, such as a sock-like fit for enhanced support and extra cushioning to protect against injury, and you’ll be all set to go.

Take care of your adidas waterproof running shoes

Make sure that you look after your adidas waterproof running shoes to get the most out of them. After running, remove excess dirt and muck by banging the soles together or using a toothbrush. Then remove stains using a damp cloth and mild detergent. After you have removed the soap suds with a clean cloth, you can leave them to air dry before heading out for your next run.