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Enjoy the men’s trail running selection

Appreciate the benefits of the men’s trail running range from adidas and make the most of the advanced technology. Ensure that you don’t get distracted by your clothing, so you can enjoy your run to the maximum. Moisture-absorbing materials soak up sweat when you begin to perspire, to keep you dry and comfortable for the duration. Lightweight fabrics make sure that you aren’t slowed down by your trail gear. A breathable design promotes airflow, so when the temperature rises, you remain cool. High-quality grips on the outsoles of the trail trainers ensure you remain steady on your feet throughout the day.


adidas trail running clothing for men, to keep adventuring

Whether you’re new to trail running or a seasoned professional, the adidas men’s trail clothing range is the perfect addition to your running wardrobe. Offering a range of features that are useful when you're in rural areas such as forests and mountains, you’ll love the additional touches. Reflective details help you to be seen when the daylight lets you down. Pockets offer places to store energy bars, keys and phones. Much of the range is packable too, so you can easily keep it in your bag if you get too hot.


Explore in style with adidas

Perfect for a range of terrains, be it a steep gradient or an uneven surface, the adidas trail running gear for men is ideal for exploring a range of locations. Cushioning on the shoes helps to enhance your comfort throughout the day, whilst a sock-like fit also helps provide additional support to your ankles on uneven terrain. We’ve also made it easy to care for your trail running gear, with easy-to-follow instructions on the label of each item. For best results, check the label before the first wash, to see how to wash and dry your trail clothes.

Men Trail Running Frequently Asked Questions

Comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in is a must. A hat to keep the sun off your head or to keep warm when the temperature drops is also highly recommended. And of course, you need some cross-country men’s running shoes that are designed for rugged terrain.
Trail running has many benefits for men of all ages. When part of a regular routine, it can boost your physical fitness considerably as well as enhancing your balance and strengthening joints. Exercise, combined with the beauty of natural surroundings, can also be positive for your state of mind.
Wearing a headband on the trail is highly recommended. It will help keep the sweat out of your eyes when running, and can also protect your skin from the sun or the wind.