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Men Running Shorts Frequently Asked Questions

The best length for men’s running shorts depends on your preference. The inseam length on running shorts generally ranges from about three to nine inches.
Men’s running shorts can be tight or loose, depending on your needs. Loose running shorts are ideal for runners who want a breezier feel and don’t need muscle compression. Tight running shorts that fit right help avoid chafing.
Men’s running shorts have liners to offer support and help avoid chafing. Liners also can take the place of underwear.

Classic men’s running shorts for every stride

If you’re looking for a supportive run, regardless of when you’re hitting the trails or trudging along on the treadmill, these running shorts for men are the perfect fit. Their lightweight material is created from recycled material, lowering your carbon footprint. This technology combined with built-in briefs and the loose-fitting feel allows for full range of movement with every stride you take, regardless of the terrain. Moisture-wicking technology helps to keep you dry during those rainy day runs, instead of the soggy mess many other shorts become. Stay dry and enjoy the controlled airflow of running shorts by adidas.

Running shorts for men in any setting

It’s well-known that adidas are committed to providing creative clothing and functional designs created to enhance your performance, but also to keep you looking good. If you’re planning on doing a long-distance training session or race, swap out the lengthier shorts for the shorter running shorts like Fast Split shorts or the marathon shorts. When looking at strenuous trail runs, make use of the 2-in-1 running shorts with no-bounce storage and built-in tights for support and comfort no matter the landscape.

Stay in stride and control your pride

Running is all about the journey rather than the finish line. With each step you take, you learn more about yourself and the quality of the clothing you choose. Marathon running shorts make long-distance running a breeze, giving you the comfort you need to focus on running without distraction. Lightweight trail running shorts are perfect for those rugged hills and outdoor showers. Use the 360-degree reflectivity to stay safer during night-time runs. With adidas, there’s something for everyone.