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Model wears black adidas training shoes

Get the right shoes for your training session

The adidas training shoes help you level up your game. Depending on the training, select the right shoes with the preferred stability for when you lift, or the flexibility necessary during agility and mobility exercises. Keep your feet stable and comfortable, so you can stay focused.

Build your workout outfit from the bottom up with adidas gym shoes

Choosing the right gym outfit will ensure that you've got every possible advantage while you work out, and the right gym outfit always starts with the perfect pair of gym shoes. adidas gym shoes feature a supportive midsole cushioning that provides you with maximum comfort and a springy feel underfoot that will help to keep you mobile and agile. The rubber outsoles on these designs also offers dependable stability and traction no matter what surface you're working out on.

adidas training shoes give you the perfect base for any workout

With a mesh upper that hugs your foot, you can be sure that these gym shoes can provide you with all the security and comfort you need to squeeze every last drop out of your workout. While your shoes work to keep you stable and strong from the ground up, you're able to focus on reaching your next goal and pushing through the burn to make sure that every workout is the best it can be.

Find workout shoes as versatile as your training regime

Everyone knows that you can't just stick with the same workout routine day after day. Mixing things up is the best way to achieve results, no matter what your workout goals are. That's why you need shoes that are just as versatile as you are. Choose from adidas gym shoes that offer you a full range of mobility for intense cross-training, to designs that provide high levels of stability for when you're stepping up to the lifting platform. Finding the right pair of fitness shoes to fit your specific workout needs is an essential part of creating your perfect gym kit, and will enable you to push your fitness goals to the next level.

Gym & Training Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The gym shoes you choose will depend on what you want to do at the gym. adidas has versatile gym shoes for a mixture of training types as well as more specialist styles. The filters on the adidas gym shoes page allow you to refine your search and pinpoint what you need.
It’s best to invest in a pair of gym shoes for your training and save your running shoes for just running! Gym shoes are designed for the many different things you do at the gym and the different ways you move.
Surprisingly, yes! Running shoes are designed with a running movement in mind whereas gym shoes are built for side-to-side movement as well as heel-to-toe. They tend to be more flexible to accommodate these different movements.