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You can find your perfect pair of women's gym trainers right here. And the next time you power through a workout you'll feel confident and stylish with the perfect amount of support for your feet. The adidas range of gym shoes for women showcases technologies and features that complement and enhance your exercise style. Whether you’re training for an event or simply improving your health, our training footwear for women will answer your needs. Choose a shoe with cutting-edge bounce technology for remarkable energy return on runs, or if you're a fan of weights and resistance, choose versatile training shoes for women with the stability you need to carry your weight without slipping. No matter your workout, there is the perfect fit waiting for you.
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Women Gym & Training Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your exercise preferences. If you’re resistance training, look for a women’s training shoe with a stiff heel. For cardio, consider flexible styles with BOOST technology. If you’re unsure, the adidas range features some versatile all-rounders, offering stability and flexibility.
Firstly, a good fit is essential. Check your shoes are snug without being too tight. For cardio and running, your feet need to be cushioned while having a stable base is important for strength and resistance training. The adidas women’s training shoe range features both types as well as combinations if you enjoy a mixed training programme.
As a general rule you should replace your shoes every 300-500 miles or so. If you’re unsure, take a look at the tread on your trainers and see if it is starting to wear.