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TERREX Brown Terrex BackpackTERREX Brown Terrex Backpack
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Terrex Backpack


Sportswear Black Logo BeanieSportswear Black Logo Beanie
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Logo Beanie


Sportswear Grey High BeanieSportswear Grey High Beanie
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High Beanie


Quality outdoor accessories for your next adventure

For outdoor enthusiasts, weatherproof clothing and practical accessories are fundamental. Weather can be unpredictable and no one wants to get caught in a storm during a run or embark on a hike without the appropriate gear. With adidas outdoor accessories and equipment, you’ll always be prepared for your workout, trek or camping trip while ensuring your safety and comfort in less-than-perfect conditions. Equipped with the right footwear, headgear and backpack, you can focus on your performance, take your fitness to new levels and conquer the most challenging environments.

adidas outdoor gear for comfort and performance

Winter-ready beanies are a great outdoor accessory that will help you beat the chill of an early-morning workout. Stylish and versatile enough for casual wear, classic adidas knit beanies are lined with fleece for a comfortable fit. Graphic headbands are also a versatile accessory for workouts in hot or cold weather. The quick-drying fabric wicks sweat when you turn up the heat, while allowing your head to breathe and keeping your ears warm on the ski run or hiking trail. Screen-printed graphics, fleece lining and a wide design ensure sporty style while you work out. Whether you prefer running, hiking or team sports, training socks keep your feet warm and dry and are another important accessory. Available in knee, crew or ankle lengths for football, basketball and running, adidas sports socks can be used for both outdoor pursuits and daily wear. The lightweight, anatomical construction ensures each foot receives targeted cushioning and superior arch and ankle support, while mesh inserts offer supreme ventilation for sweaty feet. Perfect for wearing with your favourite pair of adidas trainers, extra features include ribbed heel inserts and non-slip cuffs so your feet don’t slide around. If you’re going on a weekend hike, adidas has a range of hydration packs and practical backpacks with plenty of room for organising your outdoor accessories and equipment.