Football accessories

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Football Accessories

Football doesn’t stop after just 90 minutes of play at the stadium. It may be a game, but it’s also a journey and a lifestyle that we live and breathe as we go about our daily business. It motivates us to perform and to create, to support a team or a nation with something to fight for. So here at adidas we understand why it’s important to show off your team pride and colours in all aspects of your daily life. From juniors to adults, the accessory collection is made to fit football lovers of all ages as they journey through the glory of football and its fandom.

Wear the look from head to toe

Complete your football wardrobe with new and innovative football accessories that suit any occasion, summer or winter. Whether you’re wanting to don a pair of your favourite team’s socks, warm your hands in the cooler months or stock up on shin pads, adidas has many kinds of football accessories for you. Leaving nothing to chance, the adidas accessory collection includes socks, gloves, bags, shin pads and straps, balls, headwear, scarves, shoe accessories, water bottles and more.

Designed for your lifestyle

Whether you’re a player or supporter, adidas has football accessories for all aspects of the game. Wear your football tracksuits or jerseys with a pair of socks sporting the logo of a leading club like Manchester United, Real Madrid or Juventus. Head to the gym in style with an adidas sports bag and water bottle. Train in the backyard or out on the pitch with an adidas football, and up your game with advanced protective gear such as shin pads, headwear and gloves. Or, if you simply enjoy the comfort and design of adidas football gear, dress down your everyday look by pairing club socks with jeans or a hat. Whatever your lifestyle, take the beautiful game with you.

Our football equipment gets you ready for action

Our collection of football accessories includes shinpads, gloves and other essential items to get you ready for the big game. Football equipment, such as replacement studs, keep your boots in top form and there is a variety of quality balls for practicing strikes or ball control moves on any type of playing surface. Versatile bags with ample storage space conveniently carry all your kit like uniforms, socks, boots and water bottle so you are always prepared to get in the action.

Football accessories Frequently Asked Questions

The main essential accessories used to play football are balls, pumps, shinguards and football socks.
In addition to the most important football accessories, many players will carry a water bottle for hydration, a hat to keep the sun off, or a scarf to keep warm while waiting to begin training. In terms of what they carry their football accessories in, a small sports bag, a backpack or a duffle bag is common.
Most professional, amateur and recreational footballers don’t wear cups. This is primarily because of the restrictive and uncomfortable effects it would have upon their movement as they run up and down the pitch.