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adidas tennis shoes designed for impressive performance

adidas introduces an impressive collection designed and constructed to dramatically improve your performance on grass, hard courts and clay. Primegreen and other recycled materials reduce the weight in our tennis shoes, providing enduring comfort during training and competition. Breathable mesh uppers offer increased airflow while Boost, Bounce, and Lightstrike cushioning in the midsole provide stability and support for instant responsiveness in any direction. Our tennis trainers also feature unique Adizero outsoles with a herringbone pattern, which delivers superior traction so that you can overpower on any playing surface. One shoe to rule them all.

Tennis trainers for playing with passion and confidence

We remove the guesswork from your footwear choices by investing some of our most advanced tech and design know-how in adidas tennis trainers that effectively perform on hard courts, grass and clay. A trio of innovative cushioning systems supply optimal comfort and flexibility so that you can jump, sprint and slide with minimal effort. Hybrid outsoles with toe caps feature a variety of high-traction zones for superior grip on grass or tarmac, which also resist clogging when you're sliding across the clay. So let our adidas tennis shoes inspire you to train or play with passion and confidence.

It's hard to resist the temptation of adidas tennis footwear

Our tennis footwear features a vibrant display of energetic colours to motivate kids and adults to get out for an enjoyable day of fun on the court. These tennis shoes are so durable and comfortable that there's the temptation to include them in your daily lifestyle essentials for work and school when you're not engaged in athletic activities. Enjoy the look and feel of great versatile shoes, both on and off the court.

Tennis shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The basic distinction is that sneakers are for casual use, such as walking. Tennis shoes are specialised footwear used for this sport.
A tennis shoe is essentially a lace-up shoe with vulcanized rubber soles and lightweight uppers, typically made of canvas or another textile. Made to handle sharp direction changes on the court.
Its outsole is the biggest factor when deciding which tennis shoe to go for. Tennis footwear can be categorized by the type of surface the shoe is designed to perform on. Another important consideration is the trade-off between comfort, durability, weight and stability.