Volleyball Shorts

Whether you are playing indoors or outdoors, volleyball shorts are a must-have for any player. adidas offers a range of shorts that are designed with functionality and comfort in mind.

A new game level, with volleyball shorts

The adidas range of volleyball shorts is an ideal choice for men or women playing the game. These shorts provide a combination of breathable and lightweight materials that have moisture-wicking fibres, to keep you cool and dry throughout play. One of the most sought-after pairs is the reversible shorts that use two different kinds of material. On the one side, more breathable materials have been used when playing those easier games. On the opposite side, a more durable combination of fabrics has been used to help you tough out those extra gritty matches.

Volleyball pants: a new winning formula

Whether you’re playing for exercise or playing for keeps, nobody is out there because they’re hoping to lose. Volleyball pants by adidas are an integral part of a winning formula and choosing the right pair is worth it. These volleyball shorts are created with lightweight materials and work in conjunction with technologies like AEROREADY, which wicks moisture away, while COLD.RDY tech is used to keep heat insulated, so you can manage in colder conditions. These pants have been designed with you in mind, offering more ventilation, durability, moisture absorption and lighter fabric.

It's just the beginning

No matter where you play, whether it’s on the street or in a gym hall, you rely on your shorts to protect and aid you. These shorts are designed to do just that, whether you’re out playing in them or using them as casual wear at a local picnic. They look good enough to wear out and they’re functional enough to play in. The best way to ensure you stay protected is to look after your pants. The label will offer specific instructions, so take note. Keep them away from hot and heavy washes and don’t send them to the dry cleaners. Once your shorts are washed, leave them outside to dry, and steer clear of using an iron, especially on wool products. Grab a pair of volleyball shirts and shoes to round off your gear.