You can enjoy your volleyball with our gear, no matter how seriously you play the game. Everything you need, from top to bottom, you'll find waiting for you right here.


Feel good. Look good. Train better in adidas training uniforms.

We make it easy for everyone to play volleyball

Volleyball is a hugely popular sport, as you can play it on virtually any flat surface, indoors or outdoors, from a hard court to the beach. We have all the kit you'll need to enjoy your game to the utmost in our comprehensive range of clothing and accessories. You can get long- or short-sleeved tops and sleek, slightly compressive shorts that give maximum flexibility. They have a stretchy feel that fits securely, giving you confidence when diving or jumping. A pre-curved waistband enhances their overall comfort.

More specialised volleyball kit

Besides playing clothes, we have plenty more volleyball kit to help you enjoy your game and improve your skills. Our dedicated volleyball shoes have computer-designed outer soles to give maximum grip and support fast changes of direction. Their dual-layer mesh outers also give you an extra sense of security, hugging your foot and imparting lateral support to help prevent ankle twists. Inside, we've placed full-length adidas Bounce midsole cushioning, which returns a portion of kinetic energy to your feet when you land and jump. Strategically placed in-step inserts give you further foot support.

A wealth of dedicated accessories

Complete your volleyball outfits with extremely useful accessories; they’ll help keep you cool and dry during a game and give you the confidence for extreme lunges and dives. For instance, we have high-tech impact absorption knee pads. They're made from a double-knit sock material, with gel inserts to cushion most impacts. You'll also find plenty of towels, sock sets, UV-resistant caps and steel water bottles, all aimed at enhancing your enjoyment of the game. Take advantage of adidas online as your one-stop shop for all your needs.