Men's Volleyball Shoes

For dynamic movement and comfortable foot support, you can rely on our men's volleyball shoes to give you a boost in all aspects of your game, whether you play casually or seriously.

The explosive advantage of our men's volleyball shoes

Despite being a non-contact sport, volleyball has a high impact on your feet and legs. You need very athletic shoes to launch yourself in the air to get enough height for a successful spike. Defence also requires explosive movement, and of course, once you've completed your move, you'll need cushioning to lessen the impact as you come back down. So, the ideal men's volleyball shoes require both explosive action and supportive cushioning. With adidas, you can have both.

Volleyball shoes for men with advanced adidas tech

Our volleyball shoes for men are made with the most advanced materials and construction that flow from our ongoing R&D programme, aimed at producing the most efficient and supportive designs for men's volleyball shoes. They benefit from our proprietary Bounce technology, which returns kinetic energy to your feet every time you lift off, giving you a spring in every step. The sidewalls are reinforced to provide extra stability for lateral movement, which not only gives you more agility but also helps to protect you against ankle strains.

Enjoy even more modern engineering

We also make our men's volleyball shoes with extremely grippy outsoles, so you can depend on them for sure-footedness on the court. They're scuff-proof too, so you won't face any regulatory issues if you play at a serious level. They have a sock-like feel, thanks to their extremely lightweight construction, and mesh uppers help to keep your feet cool and fresh no matter how intense the game gets. These uppers are made from a breathable mesh material, with reinforced rubber toes for quick stops and turns. No matter what level you play at, these shoes will give you a distinct advantage.