Volleyball Shoes

The superior flexibility and comfort offered by the new range of adidas volleyball shoes are worth taking advantage of. Soar to new heights with a variety of soles to suit your needs.

Enhanced response and movement, with volleyball shoes

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more varied list of choices than the adidas volleyball shoes range available here. Take advantage of the varied insoles designed to support you, whether you pronate or supinate. Lightstrike cushioning and Bounce technology have been incorporated with different fraction patterns, to offer you a more responsive feel when you change direction on the court. If you need a little more ankle support, have a look at the wide range of high-tops available, with the same technologies integrated into the shoes. Grab a pair with hook-and-loop straps by the ankles for superior support.

Volleyball sneakers for all playing surfaces

These volleyball sneakers are designed to give you the ultimate support on all surfaces; whether you’re hammering away on the indoor floors or outdoors on the concrete, you’ll find volleyball shoes suited to you. On the indoor courts, grab a pair of gum-soled shoes with Bounce technology and enjoy the responsiveness – they still provide the same level of support you’ll find in the stiffer sneakers. Outside, you’ll have the choice of many outdoor shoes designed with durability and stability in mind. Harder rubber outsoles last longer, while the extra padding inside offers more support.

Engineering at its best

Something adidas can always be trusted with is its commitment to providing top-tier designs with technologies created to offer functionality. The best way to ensure your shoes continue to protect you is to look after them. adidas provides cleaning instructions on the labels, so adhere to them. Wipe your volleyball shoes down after every game. If you wash them, stick to a gentle, cold wash and leave them outside to dry rather than using a dryer. Take them inside as soon as they’re dry, to avoid sun damage. Wash the laces separately.