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Extremely stylish and comfortable with highly responsive midsole technology for an energy-driven run, our iconic Ultraboost sneakers ensure you look as great as you run.

Experience the Boost

Our revolutionary BOOST technology combines soft and responsive cushioning to deliver incredible energy return from your first step to your last, giving you that extra push when you need it the most. Employing the latest in running science, our running shoes are equipped with an eTPU midsole foam created by the fusion of energy capsules. Couple with the innovative adidas LEP Torsion system, providing a 15% increase in forefoot bending stiffness, the new adidas Ultraboost are our springiest, most flexible and most responsive running shoes to date.

Sock Snug Fit

While our revolutionary midsole foam provides an impossibly powerful yet comfortably cushioned step, our tongueless sock-like Primeknit+ upper and cushioned ankle support hugs your foot for that perfect, secure but breathable fit. Squeezing the arch of your feet for top class stability and motion control, adidas Ultraboosts work in harmony with you so you can focus less on shoe performance and more on body performance. Our uppers use Primeblue made of 50% high-performance recycled material so you know they are as good to the planet as they are to your feet.

Anytime, Anywhere

Famously fashionable and undeniably stylish, our Ultraboost sneakers are just as popular for day-to-day wear as they are for performance running. Not content as a simple sports sneaker, these kicks now iconic style are the perfect match for any occasion. Whether you are going for a run or running for coffee, late for dinner or simply out late, bold and fresh adidas Ultraboosts are just the ticket. Our trainers are guaranteed to look great whatever you are wearing - and with our longevity assured durable Stretchweb outsole, you will never have a reason to take them off.

Ultraboost Frequently Asked Questions

Launched in 2015, adidas Ultraboost shoes became the first running shoe to be as popular in streetwear style as in performance running. Their iconic silhouette is made of a Primeknit upper, separated lace cage and heel-to-toe Boost for incredible energy return.
adidas Ultraboost shoes are made with a Primeknit upper, a separated lace cage and heel-to-toe Boost. Boost is made of eTPU, and Primeknit is digitally knit into one piece, providing lightweight, seamless comfort created with less waste.
The adidas Ultraboost was first released in 2015. Boost technology was integrated into adidas Running shoes in 2013.
Although they’ve been adopted by the fashion world and can be worn for every day, adidas Ultraboost are running shoes first and foremost. With their sock-like Primeknit upper and energy-returning Boost midsole, Ultraboost gives runners a feeling of responsive cushioning with every stride.
Ultraboost running shoes offer lightweight, supportive cushioning with a neutral feel.