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Spikes Running


Lightweight, durable and comfortable, the advanced running technology of adidas running spikes is designed to enhance your run across all terrains, whether that is on the track or on the field.

Unleash Your Potential

adidas spike running shoes are expertly designed with a very simple mission: to make you run faster. Lighter than regular running shoes, spikes are made for maximum speed and maximum traction. The frontal spike plate enhances forefront grip to increase your stride turnover, while the rubber outsole is designed to optimise your energy return, meaning you get the most out of what you put in. Tailor made for speed, adidas spikes are also produced from high performing recycled materials, so not only are our running kicks world class, they're world conscious too.

Let Your Feet Breathe

Run comfortably and never let sweaty feet get in the way of your performance again, thanks to adidas running spikes' highly breathable synthetic mesh upper. Utilising the latest technologies, our trainers are designed to make each stride as comfortable as the last. The lightweight upper allows unwanted heat build up to escape from your trainers while allowing cool air to channel into the material. In conjunction with the traditional lace closure, the upper's internal fit system holds your foot securely in place, while lightly padded collars protect your ankles with minimal friction, for the most pleasant running experience.

Tackle Any Terrain

From sprinters to hurdlers, track chasers to cross-country runners, adidas spike running shoes are equipped with latest trainer-tech to make sure that you go the distance. Employing a state of the art rubberised TPU spike plate, our kicks are designed for traction across all terrains, finding the meeting point between speed and stability. On the track or a wet hill ascent, with our the slip resistant technology, you can let your trainers worry about what goes on beneath your feet and focus on what really matters: the race.