Neutral · Running · Shoes


Premium running technology

adidas’ range of neutral running shoes are brimming with smart technology and features. The highly breathable air mesh technology of the uppers are designed to ventilate and promote breathability to avoid the irritating feeling of hot and sweaty feet. Padded ankle collars give comfort to your ankles and Achilles tendon. The inner sole is complemented by a proprietary sock liner to give you your most comfortable run. To make sure traction is maintained on any surface, outsoles have Continental™ Rubber for superior traction, even in wet and cold conditions.

Run all day

You will find yourself running free and running far, anywhere, when you have the right shoes to help you conquer every approaching mile. A neutral running position means that as a person walks or runs, the outside of the heel first makes contact with the ground, then it rolls until the rest of the foot comes into contact with the ground before pushing off the ground with the toes at the same time. For neutral runners, a cushioned running shoe is important to reduce the risk of impact damage and stress. The premium responsive cushioning in adidas’ neutral running shoes protects your feet while also returning energy with every stride you make to help you go the distance.

The right shoe for you

adidas’ range of neutral running shoes come in a wide selection of styles and colours for men, women and children, with a full range of half sizes to ensure a good fit. Neutral running shoes should fit well but not feel too tight in order to provide the right combination of comfort and support.