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Hiking jackets

Persist from trailhead to summit, uphill and downhill, through downpour and snowfall, in clothing made to withstand the elements. adidas hiking jackets are made to stand up to all the different types of weather you face by simultaneously providing insulation while keeping moisture out as you hike and climb. Our range of hiking jackets offer sizes and styles for men, women, and kids so the whole family can venture out into the outdoors. Hike onwards and upwards in hiking clothing made for rain, hail, or shine, featuring durable fabrics that move with you and come with built-in technologies designed to keep you warm and dry.

Waterproof and winter jackets

Our hiking jackets are designed to handle extreme weather, providing you with protection from wind and rain while also remaining breathable, thanks to innovative sportswear technologies. Other features of our hiking jackets include adjustable hoods, cuffs, and hems, which provide full coverage and a customised fit. When the rain turns to snow and the temperature begins to drop, zip up in our bulkier outdoor jackets. Fitted with a four-way stretch fleece or Alpha padding, these winter hiking jackets are made to regulate your body temperature as you make your walk. These jackets also feature hoods for extra protection against the rain.

More about our hiking jackets

Made to keep up with your pace as you ascend mountains, adidas hiking jackets have a lightweight fleece inside. Unrestrictive, these jackets provide wearers with a full range of movement. The inner fleece has a grid structure technology, which enhances insulation and moisture management. A lightweight Pertex® Equilibrium shell also offers protection against strong winds while still remaining breathable. Mix and match with our versatile hiking gear, made for braving hot-day trail runs and rough wet weather. Our hiking pants, shorts, tights, and tees will see you through all your adventures.

Hiking Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can find a range of jackets with different characteristics designed for each season. On cool autumn days one of adidas’ hiking windbreakers is ideal. You’ll also find spring jackets that are lightweight and airy, and padded winter jackets for when it really gets cold.
Generally speaking, just go for usual size. If you’re hiking in cold conditions though you may want to consider going one size up to make more room for under layers.
Hard shells are generally made from more rigid materials which offer good weather protection such as waterproofing but less flexibility. Soft shell hiking coats meanwhile are more stretchy and easier to move in, featuring fabrics such as nylon and polyester.