Winter Jackets

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Don’t let the cold get you down with stylish winter jackets and coats

Winter conditions can make going for a hike or your daily run a bit more challenging and, in fact, simply going to work in the morning can fill us with dread. That’s why you need a warm, stylish and comfortable outer layer, and there’s an excellent selection of winter jackets and coats on offer at adidas. We’ve used the latest technologies to make sure you’re protected from the elements during the colder months. From our range of hiking jackets to our Terrex jackets or everyday winter coats and jackets that are undeniably stylish, we have something for everyone. Our jackets are seam-sealed and come with a number of exciting features, including waterproof jackets that have an internal zip pocket with a channel for your headphones, making certain that you’ll always be connected on the go.

Achieve your fitness goals with our winter coats and jackets

If you’re looking for performance winter jackets and coats that have been designed with fitness in mind, we have a number of garments that can help you to achieve your objectives. You’ll also notice that some of our coats and jackets are labelled with ‘ocean plastic’ – made from recycled plastic waste collected before it can reach the ocean, these are the sort of winter coats and jackets you should be looking at if you want to do your bit for the environment.

Consider a 3in1 jacket to take you through to summer

We have a collection of 3in1 jackets here at adidas, meaning that a layer can be removed with ease when the weather starts to heat up. These jackets are ideal if you’re looking for something that you can wear in summer as well as winter. If out in changeable conditions, you can easily add or remove a layer on the go for sheer convenience.

Winter Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Winter jackets work by providing insulation, which prevents your body heat from escaping. They are made of thick materials that contain tiny pockets of air, which in turn trap warm air escaping from your body, so keeping the space around you warmer than the outside temperature. For optimal warmth, you should always make sure that you have a good fit, and you can find out how in our complete guide to how a winter jacket should fit.
If you’re planning on doing lots of physical activity, such as cycling, running or training, opt for a lightweight winter jacket that won’t weigh you down. Alternatively, if you’re more interested in the way it looks then simply choose one you like the style of. Choose a winter coat in colours that match the rest of your wardrobe. Don’t forget, we also have winter jackets for kids if you’re looking to kit out the whole family.
Many coats for winter are suitable for machine washing, but you should always check the care instructions on the tag. Some can be washed but only at low temperatures, while others should only be hand-washed.