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Make sure you’re always ready for adventure. Dirt and mud can affect the performance and lifespan of your boots, wearing them down faster and reducing their breathability. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to keep your GORE-TEX hiking boots clean and waterproof.
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Optimal rain protection with GORE-TEX® shoes

Get ready to head outdoors and exercise in any type of weather with this selection of adidas GORE-TEX® shoes, which have waterproof properties and will keep you dry when you need it the most. From specialized shoes that are for specific sports such as football and running; to hiking shoes that will take you to the highest mountain; to casual shoes for everyday wear, you are guaranteed to find a style of GORE-TEX® shoe in your favourite colour or with a splash of colours that you can match with your favourite outfit.

Protection from water inside and out

Multiple elements in GORE-TEX® shoes can be equipped with this technology, making the adidas GORE-TEX® trainers protective inside and out. Elements commonly constructed with GORE-TEX® fabric include: the upper, which constitutes an outer waterproof element; the sockliner, which provides 3D protection; and the liner, which ensures the shoes are both waterproof and breathable. These trainers are also equipped with adequate rubber outsoles such as Continental™ rubber or Traxion that enable their wearer to confidently step onto any surface whether the weather is wet or dry. As for protection on the inside, a lightweight midsole such as EVA adds flexibility and durability, while a responsive midsole such as Boost can store and release energy ensuring no effort goes to waste.

Styles that fit your needs

When choosing amongst this selection of adidas GORE-TEX® trainers, you’ll find low cut shoes for added flexibility, mid cut styles for extra protection, or those that provide a snug fit through a soft sock-like construction around the ankles. You’ll also be able to pick GORE-TEX® shoes with a speed lacing system that gets you on the road in no time, a Boa® Fit lacing system that enables you to personalise the fit and tightness, or a Lace Bungee so you can stow the laces away and keep them from tangling. No matter your needs and preferences, you will find what you need amongst these GORE-TEX® shoes.

Protect your feet in all weathers with GORE-TEX® boots

No matter the activity – whether playing football in the rain or running on trails, hiking in the mountains or simply hanging out with friends – you will want to ensure your feet stay warm and dry, and GORE-TEX® shoes by adidas have the solution. Providing waterproof protection both from the outside with a waterproof outer layer and the inside with a breathable lining, these adidas GORE-TEX® shoes are a must-have for any active wardrobe. The Traxion or Continental™ rubber outsoles give you a firm footing on wet or dry surfaces, allowing you to wear your GORE-TEX® trainers with confidence.

GORE-TEX Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

GORE-TEX® shoes® feature a waterproof membrane on the shoe’s upper, sealing out water without compromising breathability. GORE-TEX® trainers®, shoes, trail runners and other outdoor footwear let you engage in your favourite physical activities in wet weather conditions while keeping your feet completely dry.
Shoes made from GORE-TEX® provide true waterproofing over the entire surface of the upper, creating a level of moisture protection beyond simple water-resistance. Even if your adventures take you through constant downpours, large puddles or deep snow, adidas outdoor footwear with GORE-TEX® membranes will prevent any water from leaking through.
GORE-TEX® hiking shoes featuring winter-ready insulation to keep your feet feeling perfectly warm while you explore in frigid conditions. Meanwhile, the waterproof upper will seal out melting snow, unrelenting rain or water from deep puddles you encounter.