Cycling shorts

Our cycling shorts are durable, comfortable and versatile. You can wear your cycling shorts for road riding, indoor biking or commuting. They also double as general fitness training and casual shorts.

The latest high-tech cycling shorts

All of our cycling shorts are made with fabric blends that have a stretchy feel, allowing optimal range of movement while helping to support your muscles. We use carefully calibrated combinations of polyester double weave, nylon and elastane to make them, adding a water-repellent coating as the final touch. They’re looser fitting than racing shorts, with a straight slim cut. They’re held securely in place with elasticised waists, over which you can clip an adjustable belt hook.

Attention to detail in adidas cycling pants

We pay close attention to detail when designing and making adidas cycling pants, leaving out nothing that the average cyclist might need. Their waist contours add to the comfort factor and also help to streamline your profile in the saddle. They’re equipped with small pockets with zip closings, where you can stash small valuables, energy gel sachets or other sustaining snacks. The materials are also water repellent and contain sweat-wicking technology, to help keep you dry and fresh. You can wear them by themselves on casual rides or wear a pair of tight, padded cycling shorts underneath for more serious riding.

Take advantage of these versatile sports shorts

These cycling shorts aren’t like the tight-fitting kind – you can wear them casually, practise other sports in them or use them as general-purpose training shorts. Value for money won’t be a concern at all. You can hop off your bike straight into a coffee-shop chair for brunch after a group ride. We also have any other cycling clothes you’ll need, whether you’re a weekend cyclist or a dedicated practitioner of the sport.