Men's Cycling shorts

Find the comfort and support needed to spend hours on the saddle. These adidas cycling shorts for men feature an accurate fit and a sleek and modern look for outdoor wear.

Benefit from the sports technologies of cycling shorts for men

Enjoy a range of technological benefits in the cycling shorts for men range from adidas. Stay dry on the inside and outside, thanks to several additions to the cycling shorts collection. Sweat-wicking fabrics ensure that moisture is absorbed right away when you perspire, so that your sweat doesn't sit uncomfortably on your skin. Water-repellent materials stop the elements from getting the better of you, so you can stay dry and cycle for longer. Add to that a stretchy and lightweight design, which means your movements won’t be restricted, and you’ll be all set to cycle.

Men’s cycling shorts for all types of cycling

No matter if you want a pair of men’s cycling shorts for training or for road bike racing, adidas has got you covered. With comfort being paramount, you’ll love the elastic waist and slim fit design of our cycling shorts for men. There are also added extras, such as front and back zip pockets, for you to store your valuables; this way, you can cycle in confidence with all of your essentials.

A sustainable clothing product from adidas

We’ve ensured that our cycling shorts for men provide an eco-friendly choice, for those who want to buy sustainable clothing. Using recycled materials across the range, we’ve not only reduced the amount of plastic in the oceans, but we’ve also ensured our products produce less carbon emissions when being manufactured. You can make your item last longer too, which is also better for the environment. Before your first clean, check the label to see if you can wash on a cold or warm cycle and how best to dry your shorts.