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Cycling gear from head to toe

Cycling shoes should be at the top of your list when looking for comfort and protection that increase your performance from cycling gear. Features like durable rip-stop uppers, lightweight stiff construction and TPU pods are incorporated in indoor and outdoor shoes for cycling, meaning you can pedal with peace of mind. AEROREADY technology found in adidas cycling clothing is a favourite feature, which keeps you dry while allowing fabrics to breathe and move freely. Accessories such as cycling caps boast more than 70 years of inspired design and can be worn on and off your bike.

Serious about biking

It doesn't matter what level of athlete you are when it comes to cycling, the only thing that matters is you love what you do. Gear up correctly and express your passion for your favourite sporting pleasure, whether you are in the game for fitness, to test your limits or to calm your mind on a long open road. Our biking wear is built with your comfort in mind and shows off our timeless adidas style. The range covers everything you might need, from shoes to clothes to cycling accessories.

Peak performance items deserve peak attention

No matter what cycling gear you have decided is essential for reaching your peak performance, we know you’ll care for them off the bike as much as they care for you on the bike. Each adidas cycling gear accessory will have its own set of easy-to-follow care instructions. At adidas, we realise you have much more to worry about than how to clean your cycling gear, and so we have included fabric and design features needing little maintenance into each of our cycling items.

Cycling Frequently Asked Questions

For road, gravel cycling and XC mountain bike, you need form-fitting clothing that won’t chafe, ride up or get caught. Some types of biking, like BMX, are fine with looser-fitting sports clothes.
A couple of strenuous rides and you’ll quickly understand the importance of padded bibs and shorts with gender-specific padding. You can cycle in normal shorts or joggers (avoid loose clothing) but may experience saddle soreness and chafing.
A bike helmet to protect your head is essential cycling gear. A water bottle for long rides. Nice extras: cycling glasses to protect from glare, dust and insects, and cycling gloves to prevent blisters and improve grip.