Cycling jerseys for men

You can look and feel the part on your next cycle with a cycling jersey for men. Moisture-managing materials keep you dry, insulation maintains warmth, whilst stretchy materials improve your comfort.

Appreciate the sports technologies in a cycling jersey for men 

Stay on top of your game with cycling jerseys for men from adidas. Boasting a range of advanced technologies throughout the collection, you’ll be able to keep focused on the finish line and avoid distractions. Moisture-absorbing materials soak up every bead of sweat, so you stay dry right up until the end. Insulation helps your body retain heat, so that your muscles are primed and ready for action. Stretchy fabrics ensure that your movements on the bike aren’t restricted, which aids your comfort whilst cycling.

Get the most out of your ride with men’s cycling jerseys

Whether you’re an amateur cyclist buying men’s cycling jerseys for the first time or a seasoned professional looking to add to your current stash, adidas has something for everyone. No matter if you’re a road cyclist or an adventure cyclist, a cycling jersey for men ensures you’ll stand out from the crowd and remain comfortable for the duration of your ride. With added touches such as zip pockets and back pockets, so that your valuables remain safe no matter the terrain, you’ll be all set to go.

Sustainable cycling clothing from adidas

When you get one of our cycling jerseys for men, you can rest assured that you’re buying from a sustainable manufacturer. We use recycled plastics and materials across our range, so that fewer carbon emissions are released into the environment. You can also make your cycle top last longer, which is great for the environment, by following the care instructions on the label. This will tell you how best to dry and wash your cycling jersey, so that it lasts the distance.