Cycling clothing

It doesn't matter if you’re a weekend cyclist or a dedicated daily trainer, we have cycling clothing to suit your specific needs. Have a look at this wide adidas range.

Casual and high-performance cycling clothing

All of our cycling clothing is made to the highest specifications, using the latest materials and construction technology. Some are designed for high-performance riding, while others are more casual in style. Whichever you choose, you’ll always get the most advanced adidas technology. Our fabric combinations promote muscle support, cooling air movement and rapid sweat evaporation. This applies to everything, from loose all-purpose training shorts and tops to our pro-grade padded bib shorts and streamlined body-hugging racing cycle tops.

Sporty cycling clothes with a focus on comfort

There’s no getting away from it – cycling is a gruelling sport. Our cycling clothes are created to make it as comfortable as possible to keep going, hour after hour, whether you’re in a training session or taking on a road biking race. Strategically placed padding for men and women helps to absorb impact, and the stretchy body-hugging materials help to prevent chafing, without restricting your movement. Our more casual cycling clothing also emphasises comfort and can just as readily be worn when you’re relaxing around the house.

All the cycling gear you need

Our cycling clothing range covers everything from snug-fitting, stretchy base layers and supportive bras to a choice of shorts and tops, both long and short sleeved. We also offer cycling jumpers, for more inclement weather, as well as weather-resistant cycling jackets and sleek windbreakers. Our cycling track tops are versatile items you can use with a tracksuit bottom for other sports training, too. On the more serious end, we have high-performance bib shorts, both short and long versions. Top off your kit with one of our stylish retro cycling caps that carry the brand cachet of the famous adidas Trefoil.