Tennis arm bands

Tennis arm bands by adidas are made with quick-dry, moisture-absorbing fabric to help catch sweat while you play. These tennis wristbands are partially made with recycled content to help protect the environment.

Make the details count with adidas tennis arm bands

Precision, timing, focus. When it comes to premium-level play, it's all about the details. This line of adidas tennis arm bands is made with quick-dry fabric to help absorb sweat while you play. The soft, stretch fabric provides a secure comfortable fit around your wrist and ensures that the bands don’t slip as you move. Full-size wrist bands offer a large absorbent surface for tough games played in hot weather. Meanwhile, small bands are great for training or for a functional, understated look on the court.

Tennis wrist bands for maximum focus

Don’t let anything break your point-scoring streak. These adidas tennis wrist bands dry quickly, letting you dab your hands repeatedly throughout games and keep your grip firm. The soft polyester and cotton blend helps prevent chafing and won’t distract you on the court. As part of adidas’ commitment to reducing plastic waste and helping to protect the environment, these tennis arm bands are also partially made from recycled materials. Perfect if you’re looking for sustainable tennis accessories to add to your sports wear wardrobe.

Look the part, feel the power

The right mindset can be the key to sporting success. Make sure you feel like a star on the court with tennis clothes and accessories made for pro-level play. These tennis wrist bands are designed to look sporty, simple, and striking, with black and white styles and match-appropriate colours. The embroidered adidas Trefoil and 3-Stripes symbol add a dash of iconic style. Wear these bands with a pair of adidas tennis shorts and an adidas tennis polo shirt for a classic athletic look.