Tennis headbands

adidas tennis headbands provide maximum effectiveness for sweat and hair control during extended hours at play. Classic and tieback versions feature sustainable materials like recycled polyester, nylon and Primeblue fibres in their construction.

adidas tennis headbands: success depends on excellent vision

On the court, excellent vision is everything. Accurately judging the speed and direction of the ball determines your ability to anticipate when/where to move as well as how to handle the return. When critical points decide the difference between champion and runner-up, you need accessories that match your will to win. The collection of adidas tennis headbands are constructed of resilient recycled materials for enduring comfort and endowed with our innovative AEROREADY system to prevent sweat, and external moisture from affecting your vision. Experience the effectiveness of our classic or tieback tennis headwear each time you play.

Tennis headwear develop winners from training facility to the court

You don’t really consider tennis headwear as critical pieces of kit until unruly hair or nagging sweat cost valuable points and ruin your title hopes. Wear one during training to get comfortable with the feel and it’s definitely recommended you experiment with both versions to see which best suits your individual needs. Tennis headbands are handy in other areas of the training facility, including the weight-room, track and exercise floor. Develop the strength, stamina and flexibility necessary to produce clean winners and induce unforced errors in action.

Tennis bandeaus add urban flair to spring/summer fashion

Let our adidas tennis bandeaus add an element of urban flair to your spring or summer wardrobe when dressing to impress is the order of the day. Our extensive online catalogue of footwear and apparel is on hand so you can select tops, bottoms and trainers to assemble impressive outfits to playing the court and the street. Afterwards, browse our accessories section for other essential items like socks and carry bags.