Tennis skirts & dresses

When you’re facing the toughest challenges on the tennis court, adidas tennis skirts & dresses allow you to move around with ease, keeping you protected and comfortable throughout your match.

Move across the court in style with adidas tennis skirts & dresses

If you’re looking for the best in tennis gear, made with modern materials to keep you comfortable during your practice sessions and matches, then adidas tennis skirts are just the thing for you. Our range of tennis skirts and dresses is full of stylish designs, ensuring you look the part on the court whilst also allowing you to play at your best. AEROREADY moisture management is built into the fabric, while integrated tights provide a protective layer from perspiration so you can focus on your game in comfort.

adidas tennis dresses make you look the part on any court

The adidas tennis dress or skirt collection should be high on your wanted list when it comes to standing out and being your best out on the tennis court. The slick racerback design provides cutting-edge performance, with a slim fit and pleated mesh finish. You’ll find the comfortable and flexible material gives you a significant advantage, helping you by providing room in the shoulders to really go for those big shots. During the biggest of matches, your focus and drive won’t be deterred when wearing this essential tennis gear.

For ultimate performance, take care of your adidas tennis skirts

When one of your goals is to ensure your performance never wanes, taking care of your adidas tennis skirts and dresses is one of your top priorities. Firstly, try to avoid using any fabric softeners and only use a mild detergent. Set your washing machine for a cold wash cycle and only wash your adidas skirt with similar colours. Once the cycle is complete, promptly remove the dress and hang it up to dry at room temperature. If you prefer to tumble dry, then make sure it’s dried at a low heat setting to reduce the risk of shrinking.