Black tennis skirts

Black tennis skirts from adidas combine chic style with performance-boosting technologies that help you move freely and confidently on the court. Take them off the court for a sporty everyday look.

Black tennis skirts for every player

You can find our black tennis skirts in a range of styles, from smooth slim-fitting options to skirts with a loose, floaty feel. Moisture-managing fabrics help keep you dry while you train, letting you push yourself to your limits without the distraction and discomfort of sweat. Choose options with short tights integrated into the skirt for an easy sense of security and confidence. Find styles in all-black as well as black-and-white designs or ones with bold pops of colour. With these skirts, you'll step out onto the court with all the confidence and freedom you need to put together your best performance.

Black tennis skirts with built-in shorts provide comfort and security

When you're out on the court, rallying from behind in the third set, you want to make sure you're only focused on hitting that winning shot. Wearing our black tennis skirts with built-in shorts, you can move however you need to, without worrying. Some options have shorts that finish just above the skirt hem, while others extend just below the skirt hem, sometimes with eye-catching, colourful designs that contrast with the black tennis skirt, for a fun and bold look. The shorts are made from breathable, stretchy material, so you can make the sprints and lunges you need to, to get the next ball back into play.

For an easy look that never goes out of style

Black is one of the easiest colours to style, so whether your tennis wardrobe is an eclectic collection of colours and patterns or you prefer classic shades, a black tennis skirt will fit in perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe. Wash your new skirts with similar colours, and always remember to check the care tag for any specific instructions, such as washing inside out or avoiding ironing the logo.