Tennis outfits for women

Benefit from sports technology in our tennis outfits for women. Lightweight designs keep you moving, breathable materials keep you cool, whilst stretchy fabric ensures you can reach the hardest shots.
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Enjoy the technologies in tennis outfits for women

Take your game up a level with the tennis outfits for women range from adidas. With a selection of products to choose from, such as track pants and pleated skirts, you’ll be all set next time you hit the court. The collection offers advanced sports technologies, too, so you can stay comfortable for the duration of the game. Lightweight fabrics mean you’re not weighed down by your clothing, so you can dart around the arena. Breathable materials enhance airflow, so you don’t overheat when pushing yourself to the limit. Stretchy designs promote natural movements, so you can lunge for every shot. Sweat-wicking fabrics ensure that moisture is soaked up, keeping you dry throughout.

Tennis clothes for women who want to win

Whether you’re training, in a match or just keeping warm before exercising, this tennis clothes for women collection has you covered. Suitable for tennis across all surfaces, including clay and grass, you’ll be able to look and feel great every time you play. Boasting a selection of technologies to help you along the way, such as mesh panels to aid with ventilation, you can stay focused on the next point. Add to that some finer detail in the tennis outfit for women range, such as pockets to keep a spare ball and a built-in padded bra to leave you confident, and you’ll be all set to go.

Tennis gear that’s a hit with the environment

We’ve ensured that each of our tennis outfits for women is made in a sustainable way, which is great for the environment. Using a range of recycled materials, rather than new resources, we’ve managed to lower our carbon emissions. With some of the reused materials being ocean plastic waste, we’re also helping to lower the amount of plastic pollution in our seas. All of this helps us towards meeting our goal of being a carbon-neutral company. 

Tennis outfits for women Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the perfect adidas women’s tennis clothing from tees to shorts to fit your next match. Our tops and bottoms are designed with game-changing features that make every set better than the last.
Generally, women wear full-length gym leggings to keep their legs warm in cooler weather.
Ladies can wear shorts, skirts, dresses or tights. Whatever they find the most comfortable. Ladies might find they prefer to practice in tennis shorts and a shirt but compete in a skirt or dress as that helps them to be in the right mindset for a match.