White tennis shoes

With our white tennis shoes, you can move the way you need to. Whether you're getting steady for your serve or sprinting to the net, feel comfortable and secure in shoes that support you.

Feel the difference with white tennis shoes

adidas has white tennis shoes that are specifically designed to fit the needs of tennis players, meaning you get the support you deserve from the first serve to match point. Durable soles provide just the right amount of grip while you put them through their paces and different cushioning options to keep you agile and light on your feet. Thicker options give you more cushioning and comfort, while super-light options help you move quickly as you're racing after those drop shots. Snug-fitting uppers provide the feeling of security you need to step out onto the court with total confidence.

Multi-court white shoes for tennis are as versatile as your game

Love to play on a variety of surfaces and need one pair of shoes to get you through all your training? We have multi-court white shoes for tennis that balance the different functional needs of clay, grass and hard courts. We've identified the areas of the sole that receive the most traction on hard courts and made sure they have high-level durability while also reducing clay clogging. Endure the wear and tear of hard courts and move cleanly on clay, with adidas white tennis shoes designed for multi-court use.

Style it your way

Our white tennis shoes are the perfect finishing touch to your tennis wardrobe. Pair them with your favourite adidas tennis gear to create a go-to outfit that has you feeling confident on the court. Help keep them clean by giving the soles a gentle brush to get rid of dirt or clay and clean the uppers with a damp cloth and some mild detergent.