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Our tennis tracksuits bring you comfort

Worn by some of your favourite tennis stars, our adidas tracksuits are perfect for everything from hard-hitting practice sessions to cosy rest days on the couch. Stretchy fabrics add extra elasticity, so you can move and stretch freely. This helps you stay comfortable and free from distractions while you focus on your game. Interference can also come in the form of sweat when you're training in the heat or pushing yourself extra hard. Our tennis tracksuits have moisture-managing fabrics that work to wick away sweat and keep you comfortable and dry.

adidas tennis track pants with the extra features you deserve

When you're in the middle of practice or only have a moment to spare during the change of ends, you want to be able to make an outfit change quickly. In these situations, it’s easy to put on and remove your tennis tracksuit pants as you move through your warm-up or when the weather changes. This is why we've added zips at the ankles of some of our tennis track pants, so that you don’t need to remove your shoes. It's these extra touches that make our tennis tracksuits popular with tennis players at every level, from total beginners to world-touring pros.

Your tennis, your way

We use a range of recycled materials, some of it plastic that was on its way to our oceans, to help the planet. You can do your bit for the environment, too, by looking after your items so they last longer. When cleaning your new pieces, remember to check the care label and wash them with fasteners such as ankle zips closed. Most options are best washed on a cold machine wash and then line dried. Play your way with our tennis tracksuits that provide comfort, style and performance.