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Gear up for your ultimate snowboarding adventure with adidas snowboarding clothes, specially crafted to elevate your performance on the slopes. Designed with cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, our snowboarding clothes offer the perfect combination of style, comfort, and protection. From insulated jackets to waterproof pants, adidas snowboarding clothes are designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions while keeping you warm and dry. With their innovative features and attention to detail, our snowboarding clothes provide the ideal fit and flexibility, allowing you to carve and shred with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, adidas snowboarding clothes are the go-to choice for riders who demand the best. Elevate your snowboarding experience with adidas and embrace the thrill of the slopes with our top-tier snowboarding clothes.

Snowboarding clothes

The adidas snowboarding clothes collection has got you covered inside and out, no matter the temperature or the weather conditions outside. From snowboarding tights that will keep your legs warm and trousers that come in a variety of fits allowing free movement, to long-sleeved tops and vests with insulation that enable you to stay flexible and warm, you will be able to perform at your best knowing that you have fully supportive snowboard clothing. Having the right jacket as you head outdoors is equally important, and the adidas collection includes windbreakers and waterproof styles for rougher weather, fleece jackets and hoodies for a casual look, and down jackets for seriously cold temperatures.

Breathable insulation

One of the most important features of snowboarding clothes is their ability to provide warmth while staying breathable for a comfortable performance. The adidas collection uses special technologies such as fibers that have been densely woven together to give fabric an insulation feature, while another technology ensures breathability by conducting sweat away from your body and keeping your warm. For ultimate warmth, choose a style using PrimaLoft® Gold which uses synthetic insulation and has higher resistance to water, while styles using lightweight fabric will allow you to slide down the slopes feeling as light as a feather.

Style it as you like it

The large variety in snowboarding clothing styles from adidas translates into a variety of useful and helpful characteristics. A jacket which can be packed into its own pocket and carried around easily is excellent for days with changing temperatures and weather conditions, while jackets with elastic cuffs at the sleeves give a secure fit and added warmth. Those with a full-front zip are easy to take on and off, while jackets with a half-zip provide a snug fit while keeping their breathability around the chest. Snowboarding clothes with pre shaped elbows in the design allow for better movement of the arms, while having zip pockets is great for storing a few essentials on the slopes.