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Waterproof Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Many rain jackets are just highly water-resistant. This is because they need to have some breathability to allow heat and moisture to escape. They will nonetheless keep you dry in most conditions you’re likely to encounter. Heavy-duty raincoats are available which are 100% waterproof.
Yes, it is possible to get a fully waterproof jacket – these include heat-sealed seams to prevent water coming in as well as a water-resistant coating.
The waterproof level of a rain jacket is measured in terms of ‘hydrostatic head’ – the number of millimetres of vertical water pressure it can withstand. A jacket with a rating up to 5,000mm may be suitable for light rain and snow, while at 20,000mm+ you can expect to be protected from even heavy rain and wet snow under high pressure.

Don’t let the rain hold you back with our waterproof jackets

There’s nothing enjoyable about taking a hike in the rain, is there? However, if you love being outdoors you are going to need to tackle the elements from time to time. We have waterproof jackets that will help you to achieve your fitness goals in comfort, whether you’re running a marathon, climbing a mountain or achieving any other sports objectives. We’ve used the latest technologies to ensure that you’re comfortable and the rain doesn’t reach your skin. From our range of Terrex jackets to the popular hiking collection, we offer something for everyone. Our jackets are seam-sealed and come with clever features, such as an internal zip pocket with a channel for your headphones to ensure you’re always connected.

adidas waterproof jackets for all fitness goals and personalities

We’ve designed our range of waterproof jackets to help you achieve more, whether you’re looking to exceed your fitness goals or are exploring new landscapes. We’ve also designed a range of jackets that have been created with the environment in mind. If you’re interested in purchasing eco-friendly garments, look for the label ‘ocean plastic’, which recycles plastic waste to keep our oceans clean. Our range also includes a number of 3in1 jackets, meaning you can quickly and easily remove a layer if the weather takes a turn for the better.

Finding the right adidas waterproof jacket for you

If you want to make the most of the jackets we have available, look for something based on your requirements. We have jackets designed for specific sports, like running, which ensure performance, breathability and comfort. You can also choose from a range of designs: from classic styles to vibrant retro looks, there’s something for all tastes and personalities. Now you can look great while staying warm, comfortable and protected.