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Men’s waterproof jackets for outdoor training all year round

Being steeled for cold winter and rainy days is no problem with adidas men’s waterproof jackets. Sporting an effective anti-rain coating, you can take your workout outdoors without worrying about the weather. Our lightweight rain jackets are the perfect companion for a blustery summer day, whereas the padded designs keep you warm and dry during transitional seasons and the winter. Choose from a standard hip-length design or protect your entire torso with our winter designs that stretch down to the thighs. With useful extras like adjustable and detachable hoods as well as hook-and-loop cuff sleeves, there is the perfect jacket for your individual rain challenge.

A light water-resistant jacket that makes more of your workout

There is probably nothing worse than being sprayed with rain during a workout in the outdoors, or when going to your gym. This is why we include maximum protection on all ends, to keep out the wind and rain more effectively. Seam-sealed designs give wind not even a crack to get through, and breathable insulation keeps the warm in without letting you break out in a sweat. Stand-up collars and adjustable hoods ensure your neck and face remain free of rain and sleet when you go for a hike or run. And if all the gimmicks weren’t enough—our men’s waterproof jackets come in a wide range of colours and cuts to tailor to your needs and style, regardless of the outdoor conditions.

To shell or not to shell—that is now no question

The weather changes from day to day, so your gear needs to keep up. To have an all-in-one experience, we feature raincoats with detachable shell jackets that are made of snug material—perfect for a colder day. Next day, the temperature rises again, but you are ready for it. Simply zip it out, stash it away, and enjoy an entirely new feeling with only the lightweight rain cover. Some of our designs even feature detachable elastics to carry the extra jacket with you, in case the weather turns on you mid-run.

Men Waterproof Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

You can wear a men’s water-resistant jacket while walking, hiking or working out to help keep you dry for a short time in light rain. During a downpour, or for longer periods in the rain, upgrade to a men’s waterproof jacket with GORE-TEX to stay completely dry.
Some water-repellent jackets are insulated to keep you warm, while others are lightweight shells designed for layering. To stay dry and warm, look for an insulated men’s waterproof coat like an adidas MYSHELTER parka. The right layers can help you get out and stay active all year long.
The most waterproof men’s coats and jackets have advanced waterproofing materials and construction, like adidas RAIN.RDY jackets. Another great choice is a jacket made with GORE-TEX. The material is both waterproof and highly breathable, perfect for rainy-weather workouts and hikes.