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If you're looking for shirts and tops to keep you comfortable and stylish when you're active, you're on the right track. You'll love the fresh vibe of our oversized fresh designs created in partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative or perhaps you'll go for sleek, sweat-wicking tops – perfect for warm-weather exercise or pushing yourself at the gym. Always designed to move, you'll be distraction free in an adidas shirt or top. Branding is crisp with neat Trefoils and well-loved 3-Stripes giving your fit a gentle flex. Always adidas your way – pick out your favourite retro-inspired design or embrace the new with the loose flowy shapes and futuristic patterns of our designer collabs. Always the same but always different, expect adidas quality from our shirts and tops for men, women and kids.

A look for every occasion with adidas t-shirts

Whether you’re off for a run to beat your personal best, hitting the gym to pump some iron, or chilling at home on a day off, the adidas t-shirt range has something for every occasion. With a range of t-shirts for kids and adults, you can choose if you want a short-sleeve t-shirt, a tank top design or a long-sleeve top. Coming in a variety of colours and styles, you can have the Trefoil logo across the whole top, subtly on the chest, or just the iconic 3-Stripes down the sleeve. How you look is up to you with the adidas t-shirt range.

T-shirts that offer more than just style

Not only will your street cred go sky high with an adidas t-shirt, but you’ll get the added benefit of increased comfort and enhanced performance to boot. If you need a t-shirt for the gym, sweat-wicking and breathable fabric will keep you cool and dry, even when things heat up. Running at night is no longer a problem with reflective details that ensure you’re seen by all. Stretchy, flexible fabric provides increased comfort and means that no yoga stretch is out of reach for you anymore.

Find your perfect fit

Choose from a range of fits, including loose, regular and plus size, to ensure you’re confident in your new t-shirt. Various necklines, including turtleneck, round neck, crewneck and ribbed crewneck, allow you to pick a style best suited to you. Premium, sustainably-sourced materials also offer enhanced comfort throughout the day whilst benefitting the environment too. Ensure you get the most out of your adidas t-shirts by looking after them suitably. Read the care instructions on the label to find out whether they can be machine washed or hand washed and what temperature to dry them at.

T-Shirts Frequently Asked Questions

The word top is generic and can be used to describe any garment worn on the upper body – from super-dressy to ultra-scruffy. The word shirt however is associated with tops with a collar. Shirts come in lots of different styles including polo shirts which are an integral part of the adidas range of tops and shirts.
A polo top is known as a polo shirt so yes. adidas polo shirts have a collar and are associated with a smart-casual look.
This piece of material that shapes the hole at the top of a shirt is known as a collar. Shirts will have a collar here whereas more casual tops will simply have a strip of material here.