Basketball T-shirts and Tops

Some of the most advanced technology has been combined with moisture-absorbing technology and superior ventilation to make these adidas basketball T-shirts a wise investment both for you and your game.

Basketball T-shirts for idyllic comfort

The range of basketball T-shirts by adidas is seemingly endless and every single one of them has been designed to make you as comfortable as possible on the court so you can focus on your game. The combination of sweat-wicking materials and ventilation that’s been strategically placed ensures these shirts keep you cool and dry throughout the play, without hampering your movement at all. They’re also fashionable, so you can wear them on the sidelines to show your support, even if you stay far away from actually playing.

Basketball shirts for the win

The adidas brand can always be counted on for one thing, and that’s producing quality clothing that’s as stylish as it is functional. If you’re not concerned with playing the game but you want to wear something in support of other players or you’re looking for comfortable shirts to wear to casual get-togethers, these basketball shirts are designed for you. Not only are they comfortable with advanced tech that keeps the sweat away, but these basketball T-shirts are also as fashionable as any other shirt out there. If you’re out on a hot day, grab an AEROREADY shirt and spend the day confident that you’ll stay dry while looking good no matter the heat.

Keep them clean folks

It’s easy to disregard your clothes once you’ve had them for a little while, but it’s important to remember that these shirts will support you for as long as they last and the best way to make them last is to look after them. The label on each shirt will give you an indication. Steer clear of heavy and hot washing cycles and rather leave them out in the sun to dry. Once they’re dry, bring them inside so you don’t have to deal with sun damage. Make sure to iron the shirts carefully and avoid any logos or printing.