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Rugby boots

Our impressive collection of rugby boots represents a fusion of advanced technologies and revolutionary design expertise, creating some of the most formidable footwear the sport has ever seen. In your feet, we trust.

Zero the noise.

Developed for today’s fast-moving game, pressure-packed game they give players from flanker to fullback the pace to stay one step ahead. So lace up.
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Revolutionary adidas rugby boots change the way you play

adidas has long held and deserved its reputation as the world’s foremost innovator and manufacturer of athletic footwear. Our rugby boots collection is an all-star offering. Bursting with technological advances such as a uniquely designed foam construction and heel cups, they provide ultra-dynamic foot support and stability on the pitch. Innovative design features, including sport-specific outsoles with unique 6x2 stud placements, provide aggressive traction to avoid the slip if the earth threatens to yield beneath your feet. Today’s professionals deserve revolutionary rugby shoes to take the sport to the next level; so do you.

Let our lightweight rugby shoes help you excel

With the use of proprietary Primegreen, Primeblue and other sustainable materials, adidas created an upper that moulds itself to the foot without losing its shape. This gives all our rugby shoes a lightweight feel, essential for playing the game at the highest level. Some editions feature 3-D imprints with asymmetrical lacing, which allow larger strike and contact zones, increasing the range, power and accuracy of your kicks. A dual-action TPU plate in some of our other rugby boots promotes fluid flexibility and the right amount of tension for blistering bursts of speed from the forward position.

adidas boots for rugby: aim high and play higher

Visionary players are always seeking key elements to keep their game at the highest levels. They know competitive advantages are needed to remain ahead of the competition, even when training and determination are at their peak. That’s why they wear adidas. With our boots for rugby, you now have kit that will help catapult your game into dimensions beyond your dreams. Do you have what it takes to get there? We think you do. 

Rugby boots Frequently Asked Questions

• Soft. Soft ground shoes are ideal for the wetter times of the year when pitches are soft, wet or muddy. • Firm / Hard ground. Firm ground shoes are ideal for the drier times of the year when pitches and the game can become quicker. • Artificial / Turf.
Rugby shoes should fit as close to the end of the foot as possible, without touching the toes.
Football shoes are permitted within the rules, provided the studs are legal.