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You'll really feel the difference in adidas Crazyflight volleyball shoes. Professional-grade tech gives you extra grip, boosts your jumps and helps to protect your feet from impact during landing and lunging moves.

Rise above the competition, with adidas Crazyflight

We've placed the focus squarely on safety and high performance, with adidas Crazyflight volleyball shoes. They're made with the latest materials and construction technology that pro players enjoy. These all-rounders can get the job done, whether you're going high at the net to block and spike or diving for a low ball. They contain our BOOST system, where thousands of micro-capsules in the soles trap kinetic energy as your feet hit the surface and release it when you lift off again, so that the shoe rebounds more. This also provides an extra cushioning effect to help absorb impact when you land after a jump.

Crazyflight shoes, purpose-made for the volleyball court

You'll get even more impact absorption from our Crazyflight shoes, thanks to the EVA midsole cushioning and arch support. It also helps to prevent ankle twists as you land, by giving the shoes lateral rigidity. We use a unique rubber for the outsoles with intelligently machined tread to provide maximum grip on volleyball hard courts. Different sections of the sole have different treads to match the demands put on that particular part of the foot during typical volleyball moves. You'll also appreciate how light adidas Crazyflight models are, due to mesh uppers. They're breathable too, to help your feet stay cool.

Aiming for the top leagues?

We also have adidas Crazyflight volleyball shoes for those who play the sport at top levels. These have a protective shell created with a horseshoe-style outsole that curves over the back of your feet. They're even more lightweight too, with thick rubber only used in specific areas. Their mesh uppers have an EVA stability framework that gives a higher degree of lateral support.