Football gloves

Whether you are choosing a pair for match day or everyday practice, adidas football gloves offer quality. The designs feature materials from latex to silicone, giving you maximum grip when defending against attacks.

Shot stoppers for shot-stoppers

For decades, some of the best goalkeepers in the world have put their trust in adidas football gloves. Engineered with the most innovative technology and designed to withhold all the pressures of even the most intense football matches, in this range of gloves for goalkeepers and outfield players you can find a pair that will have you covered from the first whistle to the last. Including a number of styles made in partnership with the world’s biggest football clubs and most iconic players, such as German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, you can be sure to find the perfect football gloves for next time you’re on the pitch.

Trust in adidas engineering

This selection of adidas football gloves has been designed to take your game to the next level, as well as keeping you in optimum comfort. URG 2.0 latex has been used to provide both grip and cushioning, while Fingersave spines offer added support for making that last-ditch, fingertips save. Reinforced outers mean you can have absolute confidence in your clearing punches and dominate your area for the full 90 minutes, while anatomically designed fits keep things tight and snug to reduce errors to an absolute minimum. With these football gloves, you’re in safe hands.

Upgrade your gear

With this collection of football gloves, you can find the perfect pair to match your level. These gloves for football come in a selection of models, from Training and League up to Pro and Ultimate, so you can be equipped with the very best for your standard of football. A variety of colourways and styles are also available, letting the number one express themselves as much as any other player on the pitch. Aside from this, a number of knitted gloves are available for outfield players to wear on those colder days. Whatever you’re looking for, upgrade your kit bag with a pair of adidas football gloves.

Football gloves Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve found a pair that you like the look of, make sure you get the right size. You can do this by wrapping a tape measure around the circumference of your hand, around the palm just below the knuckles (not including your thumb). Round up to the nearest inch, and then add another inch. This is the size you should get.
They should fit snugly but not be excessively tight. Too tight and your movements may be restricted, too loose and they move about when you’re trying to make a save.
Goalie gloves provide a much better grip, as well as providing cushioning and protection for your hand. General gloves for outfield players meanwhile will help keep hands warm, thus improving comfort and overall performance.