Football shin pads

Tough and flexible football shin pads provide the ultimate protection for gruelling games that need full commitment. Ergonomic design and EVA backing provides breathable comfort with a trusted name in protection.

Protection with form-fitting, functional football shin pads

Get ready to tackle any football game with ergonomically-designed football shin pads from adidas. Cushioned interiors with an exterior 5% TPR injection-moulded, polypropylene shells provide maximum protection against balls, scuffs and kicks to the shins, whilst supporting your calves in an elasticated hug of defence. Choose from single guards or guards with added ankle elastics to extend protection to the lower half of the leg. Lightweight compression sock assets keep shin guards in place during sprints or fast, dynamic movements whilst allowing airflow to ventilate where needed.

Guards for shins for the toughest ball play yet

No matter how much action you see on the pitch, guards for shins under football socks stay firmly rooted in place for the ultimate protection. Available in classic black and white designs that brandish the iconic adidas logos, these football essentials are available in a variety of sizes and shapes that best fit your leg proportions and athletic movements alike. Fast sprinters may opt for smaller shin guards whilst forwards may benefit from a full shield with extra ankle support for powerful kicks.

Football shin guards to round off the perfect football kit

You’ve got the cleats, football backpack, lightweight jerseys and football shorts to make up a solid football uniform – so make sure you accessorise appropriately for the game too. Slip your shin pads under long adidas football socks and feel ball impact get absorbed easily, with no pain nor strain to legs. Keep focused for total match dominance as guards stay cool in high temperatures and stay exactly where they need to be for the long haul.

Football shin pads Frequently Asked Questions

Shin guards come in a range of sizes, but some footballers prefer smaller versions. This is usually because smaller pads provide greater mobility and flexibility. It’s important to ensure though that you get guards that are large enough to actually protect your shins in the event of a crunching tackle.
Shin pads are designed to protect footballers from injury, most notably the lower part of their leg, or shin. Shins are particularly vulnerable on the pitch because as well as being close to the area where any opposing player is likely to be going for the ball, the shins have little cushioning protection from body fat or muscle.
Children aged 7-14 will generally take medium sized kids’ shin guards (1-11.5 inch shin), while 12-18 year-olds may take a larger size (11.5-13 inches). When choosing, you should take into account their size.