Y-3 Black Y-3 Puffer VestY-3 Black Y-3 Puffer Vest
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Y-3 Puffer Vest


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Vests Frequently Asked Questions

A versatile addition to your cold-weather wardrobe, vests can take the place of light- to mid-weight jackets in many situations, without sacrificing warmth. They provide more warmth than most people realise, and even help keep your extremities warm.
Choose a gilet in a classic colour such as black, navy, or grey and pair it with tailored pants and dress shoes for a polished finish. For a more casual look, try wearing it over a sweater or t-shirt. This is a great way to add some extra warmth and style to your outfit on cool autumn days
When it comes to looking for and buying a gilet, it should be a snug fit, to trap air on your chest to keep it warm – its main function.

Keep your body warm and arms free with these vests & gilets

When it’s chilly outside but you have things to do and don’t want to be bundled tightly into a coat or jacket, then adidas has the answer with its range of vests and gilets. Designed to keep your body warm but your arms free, these products combine the style of the street with the needs of the outdoors. adidas offers everything from light slip-on gilets to cosy padded vests. And for the serious hiker, the utilitarian, multi-pocketed vest provides carrying space for extra water, a map and compass and your phone. Some adidas vests even come ready equipped with essential items you might need for the trail.

All weather, multi-purpose

The adidas range of vests & gilets features lightweight material and comfortable fits. Each design is loose enough for easy movement but tight enough not to get in the way. And when you need something warmer, adidas also offer a range of puffed and padded vests. The insulating effect is achieved by layering synthetic materials such as recycled polyester, nylon and elastane. To make doubly sure of holding back the chill, many designs feature both snap-up buttons and a zip. And when the cold really bites, try the stand-up collar for a warm neck or the hooded version, fitted with a drawstring for a snug fit that leaves no gap for the icy wind to get in. These designs are also equipped with pockets open or zipped and inside pockets for extra security for your phone, money and other necessities.

Style and practicality

Style goes hand-in-hand with practicality with a variety of fits colours and patterns. Both vests and gilets are available in traditional shades and finishes to give them that outdoor look and feel. Whether you're playing an outdoor sport or simply going for a stroll, adidas will have the vest or gilet you need.