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Y-3 Black Y-3 Logo Knit VestY-3 Black Y-3 Logo Knit Vest
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Men's vests and gilets

One of our seamless quilted men's vests and gilets with a stand-up collar is the perfect swag for a brisk evening walk with friends or warming up before a training session. A blue sleeveless gilet on a white- or off-white-coloured vest radiates style and brings out your personality. The pocket and zip placements on these men's vests and gilets are designed to satisfy individuals who prefer combat-looking designs. Despite the sturdy look of your vest or gilet, it’s still lightweight with a special heat insulation technique to increase warmth. Due to the light material and layered construction it might not fit as snugly to the body as other types of outerwear do, but the men's vests and gilets can provide a closer fit if you’re looking for more compression and sleek lines. Xperior men's vests and gilets are designed with a contoured fit cut close to the body with a high neckline, which accentuates your athletic shape. No matter what your fashion and daily lifestyle requirements, there’s a men's vest or gilet tailored to suit your unique needs.

Extra features of men's vests and gilets

Workwear men's vests and gilets, as the name implies, are perfect for keeping you warm while working outdoors. These vests are made from durable nylon twill that can withstand many washes. The classic look of the workwear men's vest and gilet is further qualified for more formal attire by the addition of a ribbed bomber collar and full zip. Need something more calm and reserved for a perfect golfing look? Our golf vest and gilet are classics. Designed for protection against weather conditions like rain and wind, the material is a stretchy, doubleknit fabric which makes the vest durable and delivers enhanced flexibility to help you withstand the elements as you play.

Men Vests Frequently Asked Questions

A gilet is the French term for vest and is also known as a bodywarmer or waistcoat whereas a vest commonly refers to a simply structured, straight-sided, sleeveless jacket primarily worn for extra warmth.
A gilet should ideally similarly fit a gentleman to the waistcoat. The arm holes should be high, and the garment should fit snugly around the body to ensure it can sit nicely underneath a winter jacket.
A gilet, pronounced 'ji-lay', is usually worn over an outfit to provide an additional layer of warmth. Also known as body warmer, they are ideal for maintaining a comfortable body temperature. A gilet works well as a layer above a lighter top.