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Trail Running

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Benefit from the adidas trail running range

Make sure you’re set for your next adventure, with the adidas trail running collection. Enjoy the benefits of sports technologies across the range, that help you avoid distractions and stay focused on the race. Sweat-wicking fabrics help to keep you dry for the duration of your run by soaking up moisture when you perspire. Breathable materials promote air circulation, so you don’t overheat when you’re pushing yourself to the maximum. You can go for a personal best with lightweight designs ensuring you don’t get weighed down, while the superior grip on the outsoles of shoes means you can tackle a range of terrains without slipping.


Trail gear from adidas suitable for all weather

No matter if you want to run in the sun or in the pouring rain, trail gear from adidas has got your back. When the skies open, waterproof and water-resistant materials repel the rain so that you stay dry for longer. Wind-resistant materials protect you from strong gusts of wind, and insulating properties in some of the range keep you warm when the temperature drops. If the weather changes and the sun comes out, most of the range is packable, too, so you can store it in your backpack with ease.


Running gear for every adventure

Perfect for a range of terrains, such as fields, forests and heathlands, the adidas trail running range has something for everyone. With the collection for men, women and children, you can deck your whole family out in this great range. Choose trail running shoes if you need some extra grip or opt for a rain jacket if you’re running in adverse weather conditions. With a range of great features, such as reflective areas so you can be seen in poor lighting, you’ll be all set for your next adventure.

Trail Running Frequently Asked Questions

Trail running is simply any outdoor running that you do in nature and not on a paved path, road or track. Often it takes place on established trails in the wilderness, and sometimes over hills or mountains.
If you want to get ready for hitting offroad trails, you can practice by running on uneven terrain such as grass, and by ascending hills in your local area. You can also do strength-training exercises to prepare your muscles.
Yes, regular trail and fell running has a number of health and lifestyle benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness, better mental health and enhanced balance.