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Cotton socks

Having comfort at your feet is non-negotiable, whether you are sweating hard to boost the champion within you or just out and about. Driven by your enthusiasm and active lifestyle, adidas cotton socks are created for impeccable comfort and stupendous style. Made with high-quality rich cotton blends, these socks are exceptionally soft and light-weight. You will find them extremely gentle and feather-light as they feel like a second skin. The breathable fabric keeps your feet cool as you take on the heat at the gym or training. These are also capable of removing the sweat and give you a dry and fresh feeling all day long. Ribbed cuffs ensure a firm and comfortable grip. The cushioning lined inside the socks provides additional comfort and recall for easy footwork. It also prevents likely thrusts on your feet. The stretchable fabric and anatomical design provide supreme ease and can take your performance to the next level.

Choose the best cotton socks

Cotton socks from adidas are available in various styles, sizes and designs. This collection has socks for every age and lifestyle. You can pick a pair that fits in your requirements and style the best. You can go for invisible socks for a no-sock look. Ankle length or mid-cut cotton socks are great to match with an everyday outfit. You can also opt for knee socks to bring in support to your calf muscles, while you take on your opponent on the field. You can wonderfully out-dress and out-perform your opponents with adidas socks. Pick a cushioned pair for extra comfort and push for each step. Based on your activities and choice of sport, you can choose between half cushion and heel to toe cushioning. To coordinate with your classic look, you can pick black or white cotton socks with an elegant minimalistic design. Colour splashes are also available for a fun and playful street look.