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Sock trainers

Driven by the flair to deliver the best to athletes and sports lovers in general, adidas sock trainers are constructed by studying the science behind the natural motion of human feet. These are built to provide the wearer with supreme comfort and performance. The knitted upper ensures a soft and flexible sock-like fit with premium grip. The textile used in their creation is breathable, making the shoe airy for a fresh odour-free experience. The edge-cutting midsole design and mid-foot support comfortable movements even on hard surfaces. These also assist the side-by-side movement to boost the tennis players for the astonishing shots on the court. You can also find models with three-dimensional responsive cushioning for unbelievable energy return for pace and acceleration. When it comes to energy return, you can find models that have midsoles crafted with precision to offer a controlled response for a super dynamic ride. The material used in the construction of these shoes is also capable of guiding the sweat and moisture away to keep your feet dry and comfy. Whether you are heading to training or hitting the town, a sock trainer makes your moves effortless and lets you unleash your vigour.

Boost your style with the best adidas sock trainer

Sock trainers, also adorably called snockers, are celebrated for their knitted upper and super sleek silhouettes. The comfort is so high that they feel like thick socks with a sole attached for high performance. You can choose a literal sock look or the one with decorative lace uppers. Pick solid hues to block the contrast or patterns for more fun and playful look. You can combine them with gym trousers or chinos with a slim cut to nail the street look. The inherent modernity and sporty touch give your overall look a refreshing twist. The classic timeless appeal fuels the confidence and your inherent oomph and projects it in a subtle yet effective way.